Corporate secretary services

With introduction of legislative requirements related to corporate governance in general the demand for corporate secretary services in Kazakhstan continues to grow.

Legislative requirements mostly relevant to joint-stock companies. In some cases, partnerships are also required to develop a corporate governance system, for example, when listing debt instruments some listing requirements apply to partnerships.

The main duties of the Corporate secretary are:

Planning, holding and participating in meetings of the board of directors and its committees, as well as recording their meeting;

Holding of general meetings of shareholders, counting of votes and recording of meetings;

Management of main corporate documents and decisions (the board of directors and shareholders);

Keeping records related to the company’s shareholders (information on the number of shares owned by shareholders, information on transactions with shares, updating of shareholders’ register, etc.);

Compliance with disclosure requirements and other requirements of legislation, regulator and / or stock exchange. 

Additional responsibilities may include:

Informing the members of the board and members of the executive body about the  legislative requirements, as well as on the practices and rules adopted by the company itself, introduction of the company’s business to new members of the board;

Maintenance of the register of the company’s related persons;

Publication and updating of information for investors and shareholders;

Development and updating of the main corporate documents of the company (articles of association, code of corporate governance, code of conduct and business ethics, annual report);

Interaction with the regulator or stock exchange on corporate governance issues.

We offer the following corporate secretary services:

General Meeting of Shareholders

Planning, holding and recording of the general meetings of shareholders;

Informing shareholders, preparing agendas;

Registration of shareholders and their representatives, recording of general meetings of shareholders;

Counting of votes (including cumulative voting).

Board of Directors and committees

Planning, conducting and recording the meeting of the board and its committees;

Keeping a register of decisions taken by the board and its committees;

Monitoring decisions of the board in order to comply with the requirements of legislation, regulator and exchange;

Assistance in holding absentee meetings of the board and voting by singulars.

Informing Investors

Maintenance and updating of the register of affiliated and related persons of the company;

Monitoring to identify corporate events;

Informing shareholders, investors, regulator and / or stock exchange about corporate events.