Tax advisory and planning

It can be truly said that each business transaction has a tax consequence.

We at Pari Passu Advisory provide tax advisory services on general issues of taxation in Kazakhstan to newcomers (on the stage of market research), as well as to the existing entities on tax implications of a specific business arrangements.

Kazakhstan tax code has numerous provisions that are interpreted differently by the revenue authority on one hand and the taxpayers on the other hand. This increases tax risks for taxpayers that may lead to additional tax liabilities, as well as penalties.

We assist:

– by preparing tax reviews for foreign companies that are intending to enter Kazakhstan market;

– by advising on avoidance of tax risks and ensuring protection of a client on tax issues when dealing with suppliers, related parties and customers;

– by conducting tax due diligence;

– by safeguarding and enjoying the benefits of double tax treaties concluded by the government of Kazakhstan.

For your reference there are: general information on Kazakhstan taxes and the list of double tax treaties signed by Kazakhstan.