News and updates

You may familiarise with the following information that has been specially developed by Pari Passu Advisory:

  1. Re-invocing of goods and services into Kazakhstan (available only in Russian)
  2. Holding jurisdictions for Kazakhstan
  3. Kazakhstan nominee director services
  4. Asset protection
  5. Use of debt instruments
  6. Prevention of fraud and corruption in companies (available only in Russian)
  7. Investment risks related to Kazakhstan
  8. List of double taxation treaties signed by Kazakhstan
  9. Kazakhstan thin capitalisation rule
  10.  Permanent establishment in Kazakhstan
  11.  Fighting tax evasion in Kazakhstan (available only in Russian)
  12.  Increase of LLP’s charter capital (available only in Russian)
  13.  Escaped Capital – an article in the newspaper ‘Kursiv’ newspaper (available only in Russian)
  14.  Uber’s business model in Kazakhstan (available only in Russian)
  15.  Dead souls in accounting documents (available only in Russian)
  16.  KYC in Kazakhstan and abroad (available only in Russian)
  17.  A comparison of the US and the RoK tax systems (available only in Russian)
  18.  Common Reporting Standard in Kazakhstan (available only in Russian)
  19.  Code of ethics, Code of conduct and Samruk-Kazyna (available only in Russian)
  20.  Immigration rules vs. foreign investors
  21.  Shareholder’s agreement (available only in Russian)
  22. Foreign banks are welcome to operate through branches in Kazakhstan

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