Annual report

The annual report is the most important document for investors because it represents a balanced picture of the activities of a quoted company.

The annual report must reflect not only the success of a company, but also problems and issues, as well the conclusions derived from them and further actions aimed at resolving problems.

In preparing the annual report it should be taken into account that the annual report enhances its reputation and trust of investors, and also provides certain competitive advantages.

The KASE Listing Rules have been amended by the KASE Council decision of 31 July 2013 and included additions requirement to provide annual reports. In accordance with this decision KASE requirements for disclosure in the annual report of a listed company were also approved.

Disclosure of the company activities in the annual report has become one of the key elements of corporate governance and an important part in the implementation of the policy of transparency in global companies.

Pari Passu Advisory, a company that provides consulting services in the field of corporate governance and compliance takes into account both features of Kazakhstan, as well as international experience.

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