Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a vital aspect of any successful company and correctly adjusted system of corporate governance eventually increases the value of the company:

  • Obtaining a credit rating (S&P, Moody’s, Fitch);
  • Issue of various instruments on security markets (KASE, LSE, HKEx);
  • Reduction of funding costs by minimising corporate risks for creditors;
  • Advancement of transparency and control over the company;
  • Image improvement for potential investors (including for M&A transactions).

Apart from the aforesaid the system of corporate governance allows clearly distributing powers and authorities within the company, diminishing risks of unlawful decisions.

We would be please to contribute to your company by conducting analysis of corporate governance conditions, improving it and re-formation in accordance with the requirements of Kazakh law and the best practice. Our complex approach covers all elements of corporate governance: shareholders meeting, directors sitting, taken decision by management and committees. Our team may also provide trainings and seminars for the company’s personnel on issues of corporate governance. We have helped Kazakh companies to bring their corporate governance system in compliance with the Kazakh law and requirements of foreign investors and stock exchanges.

As part of Corporate governance services we provide Corporate secretary services and prepare Annual reports for listed companies.