Nominee director services and legal address

Non-resident companies that are intending to form a Kazakh company experience some problems related to appointment of their directors – foreigners to Kazakhstan what eventually delay the process of company registration and commencement of business.

We provide interim director services for such clients in the cities of Almaty, Astana and Karagandy ensuring transparency and complete protection of the client’s business. Every decision of such director will require authorization by the client.

The duration and power of our directors will be limited by the constituent documents of the company.

So long as we guarantee the reputation of our directors, each of them has the right to refuse to sign any document or perform any action should the performance of any action violate any laws or cause any risks of violations of the laws, or be in contrast with the goals of the company.

Legal address

So far as provision of legal address is constituent part of company formation in Kazakhstan we also provide such service until the client has found suitable office.

More details related to this service can be found on external website of our company.